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Ep #47 “Dingos Ate My Baby!” The Azaria Chamberlain Story

April 22, 2018

This is a patreon sponsored episode!  Our friend Kylie chose the Azaria Chamberlain Story as her topic.  This topic took us to the wild land of AUSTRALIA!!!!!  The Chamberlain family was vacationing at Ayers Rock in the 1980's.  The family was settlinging in for the night whe, Mother--Lindy Chamberlain, heard her baby crying 30ft away in their tent.  When she arrived to the tent, she allagedly observed a dingo running away with her baby.  The baby was never found, but Lindy was sentenced to life in prison for murder!!  A search warrant showed a tremendous amount of fetal blood in the family vehicle.  The police called it a sacraficial murder for their 7th Day Adventist beliefs.  This episode was a research monster and we are sure you'll enjoy this true crime massacre.

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