The Brohio Podcast

Tri State Crematory Scandal

December 3, 2018

This is the one story you've never heard.  In this episode we cover how the Tri-State Crematory, ran by the Marsh Family (Tommy and Brent Marsh), let years and possibly thousands of dead bodies accumulate on their property.  The Tri State Crematory was a busy service that many surrounding funeral homes utilized.  The crematory fell on extreme disrepair and Brent Marsh began to stack, pack, hide, discard the bodies anywhere on the property that he could find room, not performing the proper cremation.  Over 400 bodies were recovered by the FBI.  This episode was sponsored by patreon pledger, Kari!!  Kari works at her family's funeral home and answers lots of fun questions.  We also had an interview (AMA style) with a certified mortician!!  What an episode.

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