Ep #28 Men In Black

November 27, 2017

Since the 1950's, there has been accounts of real Men In Black paying visists to people that actively investigate UFOs and those that have seen UFOs. The ultimate goal of these men is to silence the voice of these people and keep the information about UFOs to an absolute minimum. We explore the first hand accounts of these people. Including the experiences of Dan Akyroyd and Albert Bender.


Research Credit: Julie C. 


Ep #27 Skinwalker Ranch

November 20, 2017

A geographic anomaly? A geographic oddity? Native Americans have told stories of this doomed ranch for generations. It has claimed many lives and continues to be monitored by government research agencies to this day.  The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is home to UFOs, Bigfoot humanoid creatures, time traveling Indians, mutant wolves and much more. It's truths are tightly wooven behind chain fences and maximum security guards. 


Research Credit: Courtney C.

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Ep #26 Medical Disasters

November 14, 2017

This episode is a potpourri of medical disasters that our wonderful research assistants dug up. Some terrible, some laughable. We did record this episode 3,000 miles away from one another, so this was an editing nightmare. Cut us some slack if it sounds like a bucket of smashed ass. 


All research Credit goes to the wonderful Courtney and Julie! 


Ep #25 Nightmare Death Syndrome

November 6, 2017

You've heard the old adage, "nothing good happens after midnight". Well, we are here to help confirm that. Nightmare Death Syndrome, Nocturnal Death Syndrome, Suddens Adult Death Syndrome, Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome are the inspiration behind Nightmare On Elm Street.  One incident in the 1980's saw dozens of Laotion refugees die in their sleep unexpectedly. Is it possible to die in your nightmare and life simultaneously? You betcha!

Research Credit: Courtney C. (AKA BrohioCourt, AKA Baddest MF Ever)

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Thank you for the listener stories!


**BONUS** Live Episode Lucky Star Brewery

October 29, 2017

This Bonus Episode was recorded live at the Lucky Star Brewery in Miamisburg, OH. This was our first live show and we couldn't have had more fun. We met many awesome fans and covered some great cases. We also had an interview with Paranormal Investigator, Matt Neubauer from Fairfield Paranormal. We dug into many Dayton based hauntings and a little bit of true crime. We also found out the Brewery was haunted and we spoke to several employees concerning these occurrences.


Ep #24 Halloween Murders and Mayhem

October 22, 2017

Halloween is the day for children to parade the neighborhoods begging for candy.... It's also one of the most hexed days of the year. Many instances of brutal murders, rapes and absolute mayhem have been committed on this dark day. In this new episode, we cover the most gruesome murders and Halloween disasters the world has to offer. This is a dark, disturbing episode. Partake at your own risk. We wish no disrespect to the victims of these crimes. 

Research Credits: Courtney C. and Julie C.


Ep #23 Stalkers

October 16, 2017

Have you been the center of a relentless obsession from an unwanted person? Maybe a co-worker that refuses to take a hint and turns to becoming a complete creep. We dig into the minds of stalkers during this episode. What types of stalkers are out there. We also give you some of the most unbelievable stalker stories you've ever heard. We also make fun of stalkers. Can't have Brohio without your elementary dose of humor. 

 All research for this episode performed by the always lovely, Courtney C. 


Ep #22 Japanese Suicide Forest

October 8, 2017

Tucked beneath the shadows of Mount Fuji is a forest so consumed with darkness and despair, it produces thousands of suicides every decade.  The Aokigahara Forest, or The Japanese Suicide Forest, is an unfortunate ending spot in life for many troubled souls. It is said to be haunted by many yureis that haven't crossed over and plan to haunt the forest forever. Nick and Rob will attempt to bring light to an incredibly dark subject. Your life is indeed a wonderful gift and there are many outlets out there if you feel pushed to the limit. 





Ep #21 Sex Demons

October 2, 2017

There are your basic sex demons and there are the malevolent little shits that Brohio tells you about in this episode. We pull back the cover on the worst sex demons from all around the world. This isn't restricted to our favorite, Incubus and Succubus, this is many heavy hitters you've never heard of. 



Ep #20 Gypsy Rose Case

September 24, 2017

Dee Dee Blancharde spent her daughter's entire life  making her believe she was deathly ill. She convinced doctors to treat her daughter, Gypsy, for sleep apnea, leukemia, muscular dystrophy and list of other ailments too long to write.  Gypsy met an internet boyfriend whom she convinced to kill her mother, liberating her from the years of abuse. Gypsy is now serving 10 years in prison and the fate of her mother's killer hangs in the balance.